Left posterior cerebral territory infarct

Case contributed by UoE Radiology


Sudden onset visual disurbance. Mild ataxia and loss of balance.

Patient Data

Age: 70 years
Gender: Male

Hypodensity in left occipital and parietal lobes.

Sulcal effacement in this area but no midline shift.

Diagrmatic representation of the territory supplied by the posterior cerebral artery (PCA) - marked in blue.

Case Discussion

This case had an elderly patient with sudden onset visual change and an underlying infarct in the left occipital region. The mild symptoms of dizziness and incoordination can be part of visual disturbance but are also controlled by a similar blood supply (the brain stem and cerebellum are posterior circulation structures).  Further investigation of this patient with cardiac workup and vessel imaging may be of benefit.  Treatment for this is as for other strokes, and thrombolysis is time-dependent.


Thanks to Dr David Cuete for their contribution of this case.  The original is available here.

Also thanks to Dr Frank Gaillard for the excellent diagrams (full diagram here).

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