Microcystic meningioma

Case contributed by Yaïr Glick
Diagnosis certain


Confusional state and right hemiparesis.

Patient Data

Age: 80 years
Gender: Female

No radiographic sign of an acute infarct.

The arteries of the neck (not shown) and head are patent, with no stenosis.

Left frontal hypodense non-enhancing (necrotic? cystic?) extra-axial mass measuring 3.7 x 5.3 x 3.9 cm (TRV x AP x CC), with rim enhancement. Perifocal vasogenic edema. Mass effect expressed as extensive sulcal effacement, deformation of the left ventricle, and minimal subfalcine herniation.

Left occipital nodule lateral to the occipital horn of the left ventricle, with focus of calcification - cavernoma most probably.