MRI physics (diagrams)

Case contributed by Frank Gaillard



A number of important equations relating various parameters relevant to MRI physics.

Pulse sequences


A few diagrams depicting various pulse sequences. 

Collection of MRI physics related diagrams


Diagrams depicting the effect of material (grey) on magnetic field (blue lines), depending on the materials properties: ferromagnetism, diamagnetism, paramagnetism, and superparamagnetism.

Flow-related enhancement is an enhancement of flowing blood seen on gradient echo pulse sequences as well as in entry slices of multslice spin echo sequences. 
RF coils are the "antenna" of the MRI system that broadcasts the RF signal to the patient and/or receives the return signal. RF coils can be receive-only, in which case the body coil is used as a transmitter; or transmit and receive (transceiver).

Case Discussion

Some of these diagrams are based on those of Ray Ballinger of who kindly donated their content to in 2013. 

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