Normal HIDA scan for gallbladder dysfunction

Case contributed by Dr Matthew Lukies


Ongoing upper abdominal pain. No convincing evidence of gall bladder pathology on ultrasound or CT. HIDA to assess for gallbladder pathology including dysfunction.

Patient Data

Age: 50 years
Gender: Female
Nuclear medicine
  • Normal filling of the gallbladder
  • Unobstructed passage of radiotracer through the cystic duct, bile duct and into the duodenum
  • Gallbladder ejection fraction of 72% (Normal > 33% for this protocol)

Normal cholescintigraphy (HIDA) scan with no evidence of cholecystitis or gallbladder dysfunction

Case Discussion

Normal HIDA scan performed with 75 MBq of Tc-99m DISIDA given intravenously, with imaging commenced at 1 hr and an oral fat-rich meal given to stimulate gallbladder contraction. Radiotracer activity in the gallbladder is measured over time as the gallbladder empties through the cystic duct, allowing gallbladder function to be assessed. A normal gallbladder ejection fraction under this protocol is > 33%.

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