Normal radiographic anatomy of the hand

Case contributed by Samir Benoudina


Adult hand radiographic anatomy

Patient Data

Age: 35 years
Gender: Male
Annotated image
  1. Styloid process of radius.
  2. Metaphysis of radius.
  3. Metaphysis of ulna.
  4. Styloid process of ulna.
  5. Scaphoid.
  6. Lunate.
  7. Triquetrum.
  8. Pisiform.
  9. Trapezium.
  10. Trapezoid.
  11. Capitate.
  12. Hamate.
  13. Base of second metacarpal.
  14. Shaft of third metacarpal.
  15. Neck of fifth metacarpal.
  16. Head of forth metacarpal.
  17. Metacarpophalangeal joint.
  18. Proximal phalanx.
  19. Middle phalanx.
  20. Distal phalanx.
  21. Sesamoid bones (flexor pollicis brevis, adductor pollicis).
  22. Terminal tuft

Case Discussion

Adult hand radiographic anatomy.

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