Normal radiographic anatomy of the knee

Case contributed by Samir Benoudina


Normal adult knee.

Patient Data

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Annotated image
  1. Femoral shaft.
  2. Distal femoral metaphysis.
  3. Patella.
  4. Adductor tubercle.
  5. Medial femoral epicondyle.
  6. Medial condyle.
  7. Intercondylar notch.
  8. Lateral condyle.
  9. Popliteal groove.
  10. Lateral femoral epicondyle.
  11. Medial condyle of tibia.
  12. Medial tibial plateau
  13. Medial tibial spine.
  14. Lateral tibial spine.
  15. Intercondylar eminence (Tibial eminence).
  16. Lateral tibial plateau.
  17. Lateral condyle of tibia.
  18. Fibular styloid process.
  19. Proximal tibiofibular joint.
  20. Fibular head.
  21. Fibular neck.
  22. Tibial shaft.
  23. Tibial proximal metaphysis.
  24. Quadriceps tendon.
  25. Base of patella.
  26. Appex of patella.
  27. Patellar ligament.
  28. Infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa's fat pad).
  29. Fabella.
  30. Tibial tuberosity.



Case Discussion

Normal radiographic anatomy of the knee

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