Posterior dislocation of the shoulder

Case contributed by Mostafa El-Feky


Right shoulder trauma.

Patient Data

Age: 35
Gender: Male

CT right shoulder


The right humeral head is internally rotated and the articular surface is facing posteriorly (posterior dislocation). The anteromedial aspect of the articular surface is impacted against the posterior edge of glenoid labrum with resultant small compression fracture (reverse Hill Sachs lesion).

MRI right shoulder after reduction of dislocation


After reduction of dislocation, there is edema at the right humeral head with still noted reverse Hill Sachs fracture as evident by depression of the anteromedial aspect of humeral head.

The posteroinferior glenoid labrum showed linear tear representing reverse Bankart lesion.  It remains attached to the capsule and periosteum.

Mild joint effusion.

Case Discussion

This case demonstrates posterior dislocation of the humeral head with reverse Hill Sach's lesion and engagement of the glenoid. MRI showed marrow edema of femoral head, Hill Sach's lesion as well as reverse Bankart lesion

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