Saline breast implant

Changed by Henry Knipe on 10 Sep 21:09
Diagnosis certain

Updates to Case Attributes

Race changed from Caucasian to .
Age was set to 42 years.
Presentation was changed:
42-year-old woman presented with noNo clinical symptoms for an anuallannual check up.
Diagnostic Certainty was set to .

Updates to Study Attributes

Findings was added:

Left implant is irregular, wrinkled, and redundant.  

Images Changes:

Image Mammography (MLO) (update)

Description was removed:
42-year-old woman presented with no clinical symptoms for an anuall check up. Mammogram shows saline implant. Left implant is irregular, wrinkled, and redundant. LMLO = left mediolateral oblique.
Single Or Stack Root was set to .
Perspective was set to MLO.

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