Skin thickening left breast: IDC

Case contributed by Dr Garth Kruger


A morbidly obese 55 year old woman complains of a " heavy" feeling in her left breast.

Patient Data

Age: 55
Gender: Female

Patchwork mammography of both breasts shows a suspicious lesion centrally in the right breast and diffuse skin thickening left breast.

There are subtle suspicious microcalcifications in the left breast.

Ultrasound of the left axilla shows multiple enlarged nodes the largest of which is 3 cm. in length.

A morbidly obese woman is sent by her family physician for breast imaging with a diagnosis of skin thickening left breast

The patient undergoes a bone scintigram after the diagnosis is made. What do you think of the isotope uptake in the left breast ?

Case Discussion

The large IDC right breast was not clinically palpable due to the size of the patient's breasts. The skin biopsy of the left breast confirmed an inflammatory carcinoma left breast.

The nodes in the left axilla were pathological and confirmed metastatic malignant cells. 

The increased isotope uptake in the left breast is a coincidental finding related to the diagnosis of an inflammatory carcinoma. 

The microcalcifications in the left breast were highly suggestive of DCIS but histology is not yet available.

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