Subtrochenteric femoral neck fracture

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Fall at home. Spent the night on the floor because she was unable to get back up. Family found her in the morning. RIght hip pain.

Patient Data

Age: 70 years
Gender: Female

Look at the film on the next tab and think about how you would report it (or how you'd describe it to a colleague over the phone).

Right subtrochenteric femoral neck fracture.

Hopefully, you saw the right sided femoral neck fracture. And hopefully you used a systematic approach to look at the fracture and describe it.

One approach uses the mnemonic OLDACIDS:

  • O: (open or closed) - no description of an open fracture was given
  • L: (location) - 
  • D: (degree) - 
  • A: (articular involvement) - none
  • C: (comminution/type) - subtrochenteric
  • I: (instrinsic bone quality) - normal
  • D: (displacement) - 
  • S: (soft tissue injury) - 

Case Discussion

There is an obvious right subtrochenteric femoral neck fracture, but it is important to approach the film with a systematic approach to ensure that you don't miss additional subtle abnormalities.

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