Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a critical part of maintaining and growing one's knowledge over the years and is central to mission. Most accrediting professional bodies recognize the importance of CME and require some form of recorded and audited CME activity for ongoing accreditation. The details vary greatly from country to country and between accrediting bodies. 

Because content is ever-improving and is readily edited by the entire community, formal CME accreditation is not something that we are likely to pursue for the site as a whole. That notwithstanding, most professional accrediting bodies do recognize self-directed learning and allow at least a proportion of CME activities to be in the form of self-declared study (e.g. Category 2 CME points) whether that be journals reading, courses or online resources like

To make it easier for our users to claim these points, we will keep a record of your time spent on the site and give you a running monthly tally, which you can view from the CME tab in your user profile page. You must, of course, be logged in for this occur. 

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If you are a supporter then you can also download a certificate (PDF) of the time spent on the site for any defined date range, and not just the last two calendar months. 

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What is tracked

Your CME stats are based on the number of cases and articles you have viewed and the time you spent on them. For tracking to occur the article or case needs to be interacted with and active (i.e. we will not track time if you open an article and walk away from the computer for 24 hours). 

  • Articles are timed in view mode. 
  • Cases are timed both in normal view and presentation mode (e.g. as part of playlists and quiz mode). 

What isn't tracked

Well, pretty much anything else isn't tracked. Just to be clear here are some activities that do not contribute to time: 

  • editing cases
  • editing articles
  • moderating edits
  • searching
  • watching course videos (they have their own certificates)
  • learning pathways


Keeping a record of the time you spend on individual cases and articles is not as straightforward as you may think. We aim to provide an accurate and representative tally of the active time you spend viewing and reading articles and cases. Depending on your firewall, network and browser settings this may not always work as expected. This is not, however, something we can help with, other than suggesting you use a modern up to date browser. 

This feature was implemented mid-2018. As such no figures for activity prior to that time are available.

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