Radiopaedia 2020 - Virtual Conference


The new lectures from this conference will be slowly added as exclusive all-access pass content of the coming months.

Radiopaedia 2020 (June 22-25) is a four-day virtual radiology conference that combines 40 new online lectures contributed by experts from around the world with lectures from our existing library. It forms part of our ongoing effort to reduce the educational impact of COVID-19. 

This event is intended for a broad audience, with the lectures conveniently divided into an advanced stream for radiologists and radiology trainees, and a general stream for all other healthcare professionals. Delegates are, however, welcome to watch any content from either stream to suit their learning needs (see full program).

Access to each day's lectures will activate at 00:00 UTC on the dates of June 22-25, but delegates don't need to worry about timezones, as each lecture will remain available to watch on-demand for 14 days. Attendance certificates will be available for download after Day 4 (see CME details). 

During the conference we'll be posting a daily video update to help guide delegates through the content and to highlight some of our favorite lectures. We'll also be featuring a case of the day and have scheduled a few special live-streams (see live schedule).  

We are pleased to be able to offer this conference for free to Radiopaedia All-Access Pass holders and to individuals in 125 low and middle income countries. For everyone else, we have tiered pricing designed to maximize global affordability (see registration options). English subtitles are provided for all lectures. 

While this will not have the same feel as a shoulder-to-shoulder in-person event, we're confident that you are going to love Radiopaedia 2020. Curl up on the couch in your PJs with a cup of hot chocolate, or whatever your ideal learning set up is, and join us by registering today. 

Kind regards,    
Andrew Dixon, Frank Gaillard & Jeremy Jones 
Co-conveners of Radiopaedia 2020

Day 1 - Monday June 22
Neuroradiology, Head & Neck Imaging
Emergency Radiology Course

Day 2 - Tuesday June 23
Chest and Abdominal Imaging
Abdominal Emergency Radiology Course

Day 3 - Wednesday June 24
MSK, Pediatric and Women's Imaging
Trauma Radiology Course

Day 4 - Thursday June 25
How to / Tips & Tricks, Trauma Imaging


Free Registration

Conference registration is free for Radiopaedia All-Access Pass holders and in 125 low and middle income countries. If you don't have an All-Access Pass, then you may want to consider purchasing one (visit all-access pass page). Alternatively, you can proceed to the conference-only registration options further down this page. 

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Paid Registration

To promote global affordability our conference pricing varies based on your country income tier. We also have concession pricing for non-doctors and trainee doctors which includes residents/registrars and fellows. Please note that single day registration is not possible.


Full Registration

This option is for consultant/attending doctors who wish to register for the virtual conference with 14-day post-event access. This rate applies to all specialties eg. radiologists, surgeons, emergency physicians, intensivists, general practitioners. In Australia? Pay in AUD instead

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Concession Registration

This option is for non-doctors and trainee doctors including residents, registrars and fellows who wish to register for the virtual conference with 14-day post-event access. You will be asked to submit proof of concession status after payment. In Australia? Pay in AUD instead

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★ newly recorded for this event

Advanced stream - Day 1

A series of neuroradiology and head & neck lectures.  

  • Multiple Sclerosis: criteria, protocol & detection  Frank Gaillard  (36 mins)
  • Skull Base: anatomy and pathology  Jenny Hoang  (40 mins)
  • Orbital pathology  Andrew Dixon  (32 mins)
  • Head & Neck imaging pearls  Christine Glastonbury  (30 mins)
  • Intracranial enhancement  Frank Gaillard  (51 mins)
  • Neck infections  Derek Smith  (34 mins)
  • Schwannoma & paraganglioma  Andrew Dixon  (33 mins)
  • Deep neck spaces, cystic neck lesions  Michelle Thong  (50 mins)
  • Pituitary region, diffusion imaging & perivascular cysts  Frank Gaillard  (56 mins)
  • Surgeon's perspective: parotid and parapharyngeal masses  Ben Dixon  (55 mins)
General stream - Day 1

Lectures from our emergency radiology course and more.

  • Brain - not bleeds  Andrew Dixon  (44 mins)
  • Brain - bleeds  Andrew Dixon  (50 mins)
  • Upper limb injuries  Andrew Dixon  (56 mins)   
  • Lower limb injuries  Andrew Dixon  (60 mins)
  • Small but important fractures  Andrew Murphy  (46 mins)
  • Chest emergencies  Andrew Dixon  (56 mins)
  • Head, neck & spine emergencies  Frank Gaillard  (60 mins)
  • Case review session  Jeremy Jones  (15 mins)

★ newly recorded for this event

Advanced stream - Day 2

A series of chest imaging and abdominal imaging lectures, plus some PET-CT. 

  • Esophageal trauma  Matt A Morgan  (41 mins)
  • Nodule patterns, chronic consolidation & fibrosis  Miranda Siemienowicz  (42 mins)
  • HRCT imaging in fibrotic interstitial lung disease  Jonathan Chung  (40 mins)
  • Air trapping, pulmonary cavities & lung cysts  Miranda Siemienowicz  (42 mins)
  • Incidental cardiac findings on general CT​  Naveen Sharma  (46 mins)
  • Case review: interstitial lung disease  Jonathan Chung  (27 mins)
  • Cancer mimics in the abdomen and pelvis  Michael Hartung  (28 mins)
  • Problem solving in the post-op abdomen  Vikas Shah  (35 mins)
  • SBO, incidental adrenal lesions & pancreatic cancer resectability  Jan Gerstenmaier  (50 mins)
  • Pancreatitis, abdominal TB & rectal cancer  Vikas Shah (52 mins)
  • PET-CT for the non-PET reporting radiologist  David Little  (45 mins)
General stream - Day 2

Lectures from our abdominal emergency radiology course and more.

  • Abdominal x-rays  Vikas Shah  (35 mins)
  • Bowel inflammation​  Vikas Shah  (22 mins)
  • Right lower quadrant pain  Matt A Morgan  (51 mins)
  • Renal emergencies  Vikas Shah  (23 mins)
  • Inflammatory itis-es  Jeremy Jones  (32 mins)
  • Bowel ischemia  Vikas Shah  (33 mins)
  • Abdominal malignancy  Vikas Shah  (26 mins)
  • Acute scrotum  Jeremy Jones  (18 mins)
  • Post-op emergencies  Vikas Shah  (30 mins)
  • Gynae emergencies  Vikas Shah  (15 mins)
  • Vascular emergencies  Vikas Shah  (20 mins)
  • Bowel obstruction  Vikas Shah  (32 mins)
  • Finale quiz  Jeremy Jones  (13 mins)
  • Case review session  Vikas Shah  (17 mins)

★ newly recorded for this event 

Advanced stream - Day 3

A series of musculoskeletal imaging lectures. 

  • Spring ligament MRI anatomy & pathology  Christoph Agten  (30 mins)
  • Imaging of coccygeal pain  Matt Skalski  (35 mins)
  • X-ray of adult hand arthropathies  Henry Knipe  (33 mins)
  • Disc herniation, crystal disease & meniscal tears Andrew Dixon  (53 mins)
  • Osteochondrosis, osteonecrosis, apophysitis & enthesitis  Yuan Ling  (45 mins)
  • Interpreting cervical spine radiographs  Matt Skalski  (85 mins)
  • Bone scans: what the radiologist needs to know Sally Ayesa  (40 mins)

A series of pediatric imaging lectures. ​

  • Pediatric body oncology  Jeremy Jones  (61 mins)
  • Pediatric upper GI imaging  Micheál Breen  (40 mins) CANCELED
  • Non-accidental injury  Jeremy Jones  (48 mins)
  • Neonatal CXR, pediatric bone lesions, failure to pass meconium  Jeremy Jones  (45 mins)

A series of women's imaging lectures. ​

  • Ultrasound of ovarian masses  Alexandra Stanislavsky  (59 mins)
  • The 11-13 week scan in the era of NIPT  Sumathi Rajendran  (21 mins)
  • Contrast enhanced mammography  Anat Kornecki  (40 mins)
  • Twin pregnancy, uterine variants, ovarian/adnexal torsion  Alexandra Stanislavsky  (41 mins)
  • Early pregnancy location and viability, fetal growth and Dopplers, abnormal uterine bleeding, deep infiltrating endometriosis  Alexandra Stanislavsky  (52 mins)
General stream - Day 3

Lectures from our trauma radiology course and more.

  • Chest trauma  Andrew Dixon  (58 mins)
  • Thoracolumbar spine trauma  Craig Hacking  (29 mins)
  • Pelvic trauma  Andrew Dixon  (25 mins)
  • Abdominal trauma  Andrew Dixon  (54 mins)
  • Cervical spine trauma  Andrew Dixon  (40 mins)
  • Head trauma  Andrew Dixon  (53 mins)
  • Facial trauma  Craig Hacking  (29 mins)
  • Finale quiz  Andrew Dixon  (47 mins)
  • Case review session  Andrew Dixon  (18 mins)

★ newly recorded for this event

Combined stream - Day 4

A series of how to / tips lectures relevant to various groups.

  • A talk on giving talks  Frank Gaillard  (28 mins) 
  • Procedural tips for the non-IR  Chris Nicholas  (27 mins)
  • How to make a great radiology report  Michael Hartung  (28 mins)
  • Social media for radiologists  Vikas Shah  (22 mins)
  • How to read a radiology AI paper  Jarrel Seah  (35 mins)
  • How to prepare images for publication  Frank Gaillard  (26 mins)
  • Surviving the radiology viva: tips and tricks  George Harisis  (27 mins)
  • Preparing for radiology fellowship exams  Sally Ayesa  (28 mins)
  • Radiology tips for medical interns  Andrew Dixon  (60 mins)

A series of trauma radiology lectures suited to advanced learners.

  • Common misses and misinterpretations on trauma CT  Andrew Dixon  (30 mins)
  • Trauma in pregnancy  Craig Hacking  (25 mins)
  • Patient not waking up: trauma MRI brain scenario  Andrew Dixon  (21 mins)

CME Information

All delegates will be able to download a conference attendance certificate for completion of 24 hours of online lectures irrespective of whether you complete the general stream, advanced stream or both streams. It is likely that many professional societies and organizations around the world will accredit this conference as CME/CPD, however given the global nature of the event, it is not possible for us to pre-approve CPD points on your behalf, with the exception of the below approved CPD. 


This course provides 24 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (3.2A web-based learning). Registrants should watch all videos and complete all multiple choice questions prior to downloading a completion certificate from their my courses tab.  

If you have any feedback about the conference then please contact [email protected] 

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Australian Dollars

Radiopaedia is based in Australia and so are many of the people registering for our courses. We are therefore happy to accept AUD instead of USD if that suits you more. Full rate is for consultants and concession for non-doctors and trainees (interns, registrars) only. 

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We've scheduled a series of interactive live-streams throughout the conference that will be free to the public on our YouTube channel. Feel free to submit a question in advance for our presenters to answer. 
Medical Illustrations with Matt Skalski
Already taken place (Monday 22 June at UTC 0700hrs)
  • watch as Matt creates an illustration from your suggestions
Abdominal Radiology with Vikas Shah
Already taken place (Tuesday 23 June at UTC 1000hrs)
  • case review session and Q&A
  • you'll be able to look at the cases in advance
Trauma Radiology with Andrew Dixon
Already taken place (Wednesday 24 June at UTC 0100hrs)
  • common misses and misinterpretations on trauma CT
  • Q&A session with special guest Craig Hacking
Neuroradiology with Frank Gaillard
Already taken place (Wednesday 24 June at UTC 1200hrs)
  • case review session and Q&A
  • you'll be able to look at the cases in advance
Pediatric Radiology with Jeremy Jones

Already taken place (Wednesday 24 June at UTC 2100hrs)

  • pediatric knee case review session and Q&A
  • you'll be able to look at the cases in advance
Terms and conditions

Any cancelation requests received before 22 June 2020 UTC 00:00 will receive a full refund less a USD$30 administration fee (or AUD$50 if you paid in AUD). Cancelation requests received after this time will not be eligible for any refund. Cancelation requests should be emailed to [email protected] While we don't expect any major change to the conference program, we reserve the right to change the scheduled program, or the running length for any individual lecture, at any time. Your access to the conference videos will end on 10 July 2020 at 00:00 UTC even if your access to the conference page itself is displayed as being beyond this date. 


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