Perigastric appendagitis


Perigastric appendagitis is a rare inflammatory/ischemic process involving the perigastric ligaments (gastrohepatic, gastrosplenic and falciform ligaments).

Epiploic appendagitis, greater omental infarction, and perigastric appendagitis have similar mechanisms, clinical presentations, and radiological appearances.

Symptoms usually include acute and severe abdominal (epigastric) pain in absence of fever.

CT appearances consist of:

  • oval heterogeneous fat density focus with mild surrounding fat stranding along the course of the gastrohepatic (anterior to the stomach), gastrosplenic (posterior to the stomach), and falciform (anterior to the liver) ligaments

Case courtesy of Dr Amir Elhamy, Lecturer of radiodiagnosis at Theodor bilharz institute, Egypt.