Radiopaedia is built by a community of likeminded individuals from all over the planet united in a desire to create a high-quality radiology resource available to all for free. To convert this desire into the site you see now, however, requires a constant effort behind the scenes to maintain the site and improve its functionality. 

Historically we have relied on advertising and more recently on our amazing Radiopaedia Supporters to keep the lights on and make gradual improvements to the site. The reality is, however, that larger development efforts to bring to life new features are expensive and time-consuming. 

Advanced Radiology Services Foundation became our inaugural feature sponsor in 2019.

Over the coming 12-months, ARSF will continue to support the development of Radiopaedia and with their generous support, we will be endeavoring to extend our case editing abilities. 


ARSF's mission:

"The ARS Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that improve the health of communities our members served and investing in the future of radiology."

All of us at Radiopaedia are therefore thrilled to be partnering with ARSF and we look forward to seeing significant improvements in the site over the next 12 months. 

Another project supported by the ARSF is the Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine Educational Modules


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