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- “ License: Image file licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0 Author: OpenStax College, Original file: 1 Images adapted into two square cr...”

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  • Hypoglossal canal - “ The hypoglossal canal is located between the occipital condyle and jugular tubercle and runs obliquely forwards (posteromedial to anterolateral) a...”
  • Foramen spinosum - “ The foramen spinosum (plural: foramina spinosa) is located in the posteromedial part of greater wing of sphenoid bone posterolateral to foramen ov...”
  • Condylar canal - “ The condylar canal, or canalis condylaris, is a skull base canal in the posterior cranial fossa, located in the condylar fossa. It is the largest ...”
  • Foramen rotundum - “ The foramen rotundum (plural: foramina rotunda) is located in the middle cranial fossa, inferomedial to the superior orbital fissure at the base o...”
  • Foramen lacerum - “ The foramen lacerum (plural: foramina lacera) is a triangular opening located in the middle cranial fossa anterior to the petrous apex, which form...”
  • Base of the skull - “ The base of the skull (or skull base) forms the floor of the cranial cavity and separates the brain from the structures of the neck and face. Gro...”
  • Carotid canal - “ The carotid canal is a passage within the petrous temporal bone and transmits the internal carotid artery and sympathetic plexus. Its inferior ope...”
  • Foramen magnum - “ The foramen magnum is the largest foramen of the skull and is part of the occipital bone 1. It is oval in shape with a large antero-posterior diam...”
  • Foramen ovale (skull) - “ Foramen ovale (plural: foramina ovalia) is an oval shaped opening in the middle cranial fossa located at the posterior base of the greater wing of...”

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