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Lateral view of s...
Lateral view of skull. Image source: OpenStax College,
Modality: Diagram

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  • Parietal bone - “ The parietal bone is a paired, irregular, quadrilateral skull bone that forms the sides and roof of the cranium.  Gross anatomy The parietal bon...”
  • Cranial vault - “ The cranial vault, also known as the skull vault, skullcap or calvaria, is the cranial space that encases and protects the brain together with the...”
  • Facial bones - “ The facial bones comprise a set of bones that make up the face: midline single sphenoid bone ethmoid bone vomer mandible paired bilateral p...”
  • Zygomatic arch - “ The zygomatic arch is formed by the union of the temporal process of the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic process of the temporal bone at the zygo...”
  • Skull fractures - “ Skull fractures are common in the setting of both closed traumatic brain injury and penetrating brain injury. Their importance is both as a marker...”
  • Frontal bone - “ The frontal bone is a skull bone that contributes to the cranial vault. It contributes to form part of the anterior cranial fossa. Gross anatomy ...”

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