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Hip bone. Image s...
Hip bone. Image source: OpenStax College,

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  • Ischiofemoral ligament - “ The ischiofemoral ligament thickens the back of the capsule of the hip joint and consists of three distinct parts. The central part, the superior ...”
  • Pubis - “ The pubis, together with the ilium and ischium, make up the innominate bone of the pelvis. These are individual bones in the youth and unite to fo...”
  • Acetabulum - “ The acetabulum (plural: acetabula) is the large cup-shaped cavity on the anterolateral aspect of the pelvis that articulates with the femoral head...”
  • Pubofemoral ligament - “ The pubofemoral ligament is anteroinferior to the hip joint. It is triangular, its base attaching to the iliopubic eminence, superior pubic ramus,...”
  • Ischium - “ The ischium is among the three bones of the innominate bone: ilium, ischium, and pubis. It is the inferoposterior part of the innominate bone and ...”
  • Iliofemoral ligament - “ The iliofemoral ligament is very strong and shaped like an inverted Y, lying anteriorly and intimately blended with the capsule. Its apex is attac...”
  • Ilium - “ The ilium (pl. ilia) is among the three bones of the innominate bone: ilium, ischium, and pubis. These are individual bones in the youth and unite...”
  • Innominate bones - “ The innominate bones, also known as the hip bones or os coxae, are the fused bones of the pelvis either side of the sacrum. The bone comprises the...”
  • Obturator foramen - “ The obturator foramen is the large, obliquely oriented, ovoid aperture located at the anterior aspect of both sides of the pelvis, bounded by part...”
  • Pelvis (Judet view) - “ The oblique pelvis otherwise known as the Judet view is an additional projection to the pelvic series when there is suspicion of an acetabular fra...”
  • Bony pelvis - “ The bony pelvis is formed by the sacrum and coccyx and a pair of hip bones (os coxae or innominate bones), comprising the ischium, pubis and ilium...”

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