Passage of sound waves to the cochlea
Modality: Diagram (Passage of sound waves to the cochlea)

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  • Cochlea - “ The cochlea (plural: cochleae) is part of the inner ear osseous labyrinth found in the petrous temporal bone. It contains the cochlear duct, part ...”
  • Tympanic membrane - “ The tympanic membrane is a thin membrane that separates the external ear from the middle ear. It acts to transmit sound waves from air in the exte...”
  • Cochlear duct - “ The cochlear duct (also known as the scala media) is an endolymph-filled cavity located between the scala vestibuli (upper) and the scala tympani ...”
  • Organ of Corti - “ The organ of Corti, also known as the spiral organ, is the receptor organ for hearing, located in the cochlea (housed inside the scala media). It ...”

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