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  • Pontine cistern - “ The pontine cistern (also known as the prepontine cistern) is one of the subarachnoid cisterns. It occupies a large space on the ventral aspect of...”
  • Interpeduncular cistern - “ The interpeduncular cistern (or basal cistern) is one of the subarachnoid cisterns. It is a wide CSF- filled cavity between the two temporal lobes...”
  • Ambient cistern - “ The ambient cistern is part of the subarachnoid cisterns, filled with CSF. Gross anatomy The ambient cistern is a thin, sheet-like extension of ...”
  • Cisterna magna - “ The cisterna magna (also known as the cerebellomedullary cistern) is the largest of the CSF-filled subarachnoid cisterns. Gross anatomy The cist...”
  • Subarachnoid cisterns - “ The subarachnoid cisterns are discrete named spaces within the subarachnoid space where the pia mater and arachnoid membrane are not in close appr...”
  • Optic chiasm - “ The optic chiasm or chiasma is the midline structure where the nasal (medial) fibers of the optic nerves decussate to continue posteriorly as the ...”
  • Quadrigeminal cistern - “ The quadrigeminal cistern (also known as superior cistern or cistern of the great cerebral vein) is one of the CSF-filled subarachnoid cisterns. ...”

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