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- “ Diagrams of the contents of the superior orbital fissure, tendinous ring, inferior orbital fissure and optic canal. ”

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  • Optic nerve - “ The optic nerve is the second cranial nerve which along with the olfactory nerve (CN I) is really an extension of the central nervous system, not ...”
  • Superior orbital fissure - “ The superior orbital fissure is the communication between the cavernous sinus and the apex of the orbit. It is straddled by the tendinous ring whi...”
  • Orbit - “ The orbit is a feature of the face and contains the globe and its supporting structures, as well as many nerves and vessels. Gross anatomy In th...”
  • Orbital nerve supply - “ There are numerous nerves of the orbit with have varying functions. There are best described divided into groups based on how they enter the orbit...”
  • Frontal nerve - “ The frontal nerve is the largest and main branch of the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve. It divides off the ophthalmic division just b...”
  • Tendinous ring - “ The tendinous ring, also known as the annulus of Zinn, is the common origin of the four rectus muscles (extraocular muscles). The tendinous ring ...”
  • Inferior ophthalmic vein - “ The inferior ophthalmic vein (IOV) is a vein of the inferior orbit and is smaller than the more well-known superior ophthalmic vein. Gross anatom...”
  • Ophthalmic artery - “ The ophthalmic artery is a branch of the C6 segment of the internal carotid artery (ICA). Gross anatomy Origin The ophthalmic artery arises med...”
  • Nasociliary nerve - “ The nasociliary nerve is the intermediate branch of the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve. Gross anatomy The nasociliary nerve divides...”
  • Orbital apex - “ The orbital apex refers to the posterior confluence of the orbit at the craniofacial junction, where nerves and vessels are transmitted from the i...”
  • Infraorbital artery - “ The infraorbital artery is a branch of the third part of the maxillary artery. It runs through the inferior orbital fissure, orbit, infraorbital c...”
  • Zygomatic nerve - “ The zygomatic nerve is a main branch of the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve. It should not be confused with the zygomatic branch of the...”
  • Superior orbital fissure nerves (mnemonic) - “ Mnemonics for the nerves passing though the superior orbital fissure include: Live Frankly To See Absolutely No Insult Live Free To See No Insul...”
  • Inferior orbital fissure - “ The inferior orbital fissure (IOF) lies in the floor of the orbit inferior to the superior orbital fissure and it is bounded superiorly by the gre...”
  • Oculomotor nerve - “ The oculomotor nerve is the third of the cranial nerves and arises from the midbrain. It is responsible for the movements of four of the six extra...”
  • Abducens nerve - “ The abducens nerve is the sixth cranial nerve. It courses from its nucleus located in the dorsal pons to its innervation of the lateral rectus mus...”
  • Superior ophthalmic vein - “ The superior ophthalmic vein is a prominent vein of the orbit that is seen on CT and may be enlarged or tortuous in various disease entities. Gro...”
  • Intraconal orbital compartment - “ The intraconal orbital compartment or intraconal space is the conical space within the orbit and musculofascial cone, the base of which is anterio...”
  • Extraconal orbital compartment - “ The extraconal orbital compartment or extraconal space is the space within the orbit outside the musculofascial cone. The base of which is anterio...”
  • Infraorbital nerve - “ The infraorbital nerve is a branch of the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve.   Gross anatomy The infraorbital nerve divides off the max...”
  • Trochlear nerve - “ The trochlear nerve is the fourth cranial nerve and is the motor nerve of the superior oblique muscle of the eye.  It can be divided into four ...”
  • Lacrimal artery - “ The lacrimal artery is a branch of the ophthalmic artery that supplies the lacrimal gland. Gross anatomy Course The lacrimal artery travels alo...”
  • Optic canal - “ The optic canal is a cylindrical canal running obliquely through the lesser wing of sphenoid bone near the base where it joins the body of sphenoi...”

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