Modality: Diagram (frontal)

- “ Simplified diagrams of the wrist (lateral view) illustrating the normal scapholunate and capitolunate angles, and the key features of dorsal and v...”

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  • Carpal bones - “ The carpal bones are the eight bones of the wrist that form the articulation of the forearm with the hand. They can be divided in two rows: proxi...”
  • Scaphoid - “ The scaphoid (os scaphoideum) is the largest of the proximal row of carpal bones and forms the radial portion of the carpal tunnel.  It is importa...”
  • Lunate - “ The lunate (os lunatum or semilunar) is one of the carpal bones and is a component of the proximal carpal row. Gross anatomy Osteology The luna...”
  • Triquetrum - “ The triquetrum (os triquetrum) is one of the carpal bones and forms part of the proximal carpal row. Gross anatomy Osteology The triquetrum is ...”
  • Pisiform - “ The pisiform (os pisiforme) is a small carpal bone on the medial side of the proximal carpal bones row. It is considered a sesamoid bone within th...”
  • Trapezium - “ The trapezium (greater multangular) is one of the eight carpal bones of the hand. It is the most lateral (radial) bone of the distal row, located ...”
  • Trapezoid - “ The trapezoid bone (also known as the os trapezoideum or the lesser multangular) is the smallest carpal bone in the distal row, sitting lateral to...”
  • Capitate - “ The capitate, also known as the os magnum, is the largest of the carpal bones and sits at the center of the distal carpal row.  A distinctive hea...”
  • Hamate - “ The hamate is one of the carpal bones, forms part of the distal carpal row and has a characteristic hook on its volar surface. Gross anatomy Os...”

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