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- “ Anatomy of the great vessels in the superior mediastinum. Original diagram from Gray's anatomy, now out of copyright. Diagram of the basilar arte...”

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  • Superior mediastinum - “ Superior mediastinum is an artificially divided wedge-shaped compartment of the mediastinum located between the thoracic plane inferiorly and the ...”
  • Common carotid artery - “ The common carotid artery is a paired structure that supplies blood to the head and neck.  Summary origin: left: branch of the aortic arch rig...”
  • Descending aorta - “ The descending aorta is the continuation of the aortic arch in the posterior mediastinum. Gross anatomy The descending aorta commences at the le...”
  • Superior vena cava - “ The superior vena cava (SVC) is a large valveless venous channel formed by the union of the brachiocephalic veins. It receives blood from the uppe...”
  • Mediastinum - “ The mediastinum is a space in the thorax that contains a group of non-delineated organs and their surrounding connective tissue. It lies in the mi...”
  • Brachiocephalic trunk - “ The brachiocephalic trunk (BCT) is a major vessel that supplies the head, neck and right arm. The BCT has previously been known as the innominate ...”
  • Thoracic aorta - “ The thoracic aorta is the most superior division of the aorta and is divided into three sections: ascending aorta aortic arch descending aorta ...”
  • Ascending aorta - “ The ascending aorta is the first part of the aorta, and begins at the aortic valve, located obliquely just to the left of the midline at the level...”
  • Anterior mediastinum - “ The anterior mediastinum is the portion of the mediastinum anterior to the pericardium and below the thoracic plane. It forms the anterior part o...”
  • Subclavian artery - “ The subclavian arteries are asymmetric paired arteries that supply blood to the posterior cerebral circulation, cerebellum, posterior neck, upper ...”
  • Pulmonary trunk - “ The pulmonary trunk or main pulmonary artery is the solitary arterial output from the right ventricle, transporting deoxygenated blood to the lung...”
  • Middle mediastinum - “ The middle mediastinum is an artificial space of the mediastinum divided from the remainder of the extra-pleural intrathoracic cavity by arbitrary...”
  • Posterior mediastinum - “ The posterior mediastinum (or paravertebral compartment) is a potential space along the paravertebral sulci. It is conceptually considered a porti...”
  • Vagus nerve - “ The vagus nerve is the tenth (X) cranial nerve and provides the bulk of the parasympathetic input to the gastrointestinal system and to the heart....”
  • Brachiocephalic vein - “ Brachiocephalic veins (BCV), previously the innominate veins are large paired valveless asymmetric veins that drain the head, neck, upper limbs an...”
  • Inferior mediastinum - “ The inferior mediastinum is the box-shaped space in the mediastinum below the transthoracic plane of Ludwig between the wedge-shaped superior medi...”
  • Heart - “ The heart is a hollow, muscular organ of the middle mediastinum, designed to pump oxygenated blood around the systemic circulation and de-oxygenat...”
  • Aortic arch - “ The aortic arch represents the direct continuation of the ascending aorta and represents a key area for a review of normal variant anatomy and a w...”
  • Inferior vena cava - “ The inferior vena cava (IVC) drains venous blood from the lower trunk, abdomen, pelvis and lower limbs to the right atrium of the heart. Gross an...”
  • Aorta - “ The aorta, the great artery, is the largest artery of the human body and carries oxygenated blood ejected from the left ventricle to the systemic ...”

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