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- “ Anatomy of the C0/1 and C1/2 joints. Original diagram, reproduced from Gray's Anatomy 20th US edition which has now lapsed into the public domain...”

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  • Atlanto-occipital articulation - “ The atlanto-occipital articulation is comprised of a pair of condyloid synovial joints that connect the occiput (C0) to the first cervical vertebr...”
  • Occipital bone - “ The occipital bone is a trapezoid skull bone that contributes to the posteroinferior part of the cranial vault. It is pierced by the foramen magnu...”
  • Ligamentum nuchae - “ The ligamentum nuchae is a large median ligament composed of tendons and fascia located between the posterior muscles of the neck. It covers the s...”
  • Axis (C2) - “ The axis is the second cervical vertebra, commonly called C2. It is an atypical cervical vertebra with unique features and important relations tha...”
  • Cruciate ligament of the atlas - “ The cruciate ligament of the atlas (also known as the cruciform ligament) is an important ligamentous complex that holds the posterior dens of C2 ...”
  • Anterior atlanto-occipital membrane - “ The anterior atlanto-occipital membrane is a thin membrane that joins the upper border of the anterior arch of the atlas (C1) to the anterior infe...”
  • Tectorial membrane of the spine - “ The tectorial membrane is the thin superior continuation of the posterior longitudinal ligament from the body of the axis. It joins the axis body ...”
  • Atlanto-axial articulation - “ The atlanto-axial articulation is a complex of three synovial joints, which join the atlas (C1) to the axis (C2). Gross anatomy Articulations p...”
  • Apical ligament - “ The apical ligament is a small ligament that joins the apex (tip) of the dens of C2 to the anterior margin (basion) of the foramen magnum. It is t...”
  • Atlas (C1) - “ The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, commonly called C1. It is an atypical cervical vertebra with unique features. It articulates with the de...”
  • Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane - “ The posterior atlanto-occipital membrane attaches the upper border of the posterior arch of the atlas (C1) to the outer margin of the foramen magn...”

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