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  • Middle nasal concha - “ The middle nasal conchae or turbinates are one of the pairs of conchae in the nose. Gross anatomy The middle nasal concha consists of the medial...”
  • Middle meatus - “ The middle meatus is an air passage of the lateral nasal cavity located between the middle nasal concha and lateral nasal wall. The anterior ethmo...”
  • Ostiomeatal complex - “ The ostiomeatal complex (OMC) or ostiomeatal unit (OMU), sometimes less correctly spelled as osteomeatal complex, is a common channel that links t...”
  • Ethmoidal air cells - “ The ethmoidal air cells, also known less commonly as the ethmoidal sinuses, form one of the four pairs of paranasal sinuses. They are located with...”
  • Uncinate process - “ The uncinate process of the ethmoid bone is a thin hook-like osseous structure of the wall of the lateral nasal cavity. Gross anatomy Together w...”
  • Hiatus semilunaris - “ The hiatus semilunaris is a semicircular shaped opening located on the lateral wall of the nasal cavity. It is a component of the ostiomeatal comp...”
  • Silent sinus syndrome - “ The silent sinus syndrome represents maxillary sinus atelectasis that results in painless enophthalmos, hypoglobus and facial asymmetry 1-3. Some ...”
  • Ethmoid infundibulum - “ The ethmoid infundibulum is a curved cleft of the ethmoid bone which leads into the anterior portion of the hiatus semilunaris. It is bordered med...”
  • Concha bullosa - “ Concha bullosa (plural: conchae bullosae) (also known as middle turbinate pneumatization) is a common finding and although associated with deviati...”
  • Maxillary ostium - “ The maxillary ostium or maxillary hiatus is an opening that forms the drainage channel of the maxillary sinus and is also one of the components of...”
  • Inferior nasal concha - “ The inferior nasal conchae or turbinates are one of the pairs of conchae in the nose. Gross anatomy It extends horizontally along the lateral wa...”
  • Ethmoid bulla - “ The ethmoid bulla, also known as bulla ethmoidalis, is the largest and most consistent air cell of the anterior ethmoid air cells. Gross anatomy ...”
  • Superior nasal concha - “ The superior nasal concha or turbinate is one of the conchae in the nose and is part of the labyrinth of the ethmoid bone, arising as a bony proje...”

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