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Salivary glands

Salivary glands Wikipedia : 1 : parotid gland; 2 : submandibular gland; 3 : sublingual gland
Modality: Diagram

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  • Salivary gland tumors - “ Salivary gland tumors are variable in location, origin, and malignant potential.  Pathology In general, the ratio of benign to malignant tumors ...”
  • Submandibular gland - “ The submandibular glands (historically also known as the submaxillary glands) are paired salivary glands located behind and below the ramus of the...”
  • Major salivary glands - “ The major salivary glands are the largest and most important of the salivary glands and comprise: paired parotid glands paired submandibular gla...”
  • Sublingual gland - “ The sublingual glands are salivary glands that lie in the floor of the mouth anterior to the submandibular glands. They secrete predominantly muco...”
  • Parotid gland - “ The parotid gland is the largest of the salivary glands and secretes saliva via the parotid duct into the oral cavity to facilitate mastication an...”

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