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- “ The general anatomic regions of a long bone are important to know so that one can be accurate in referring to a specific anatomic location within ...”

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  • Metaepiphysis - “ Metaepiphysis is a portmanteau of metaphysis and epiphysis and refers to the combined region including the location of the growth plate. The term ...”
  • Apophysis - “ The apophysis (pl: apophyses) is a normal bony outgrowth that arises from a separate ossification centre and fuses with the bone in course of time...”
  • Describing a fracture (an approach) - “ Describing a fracture is a basic requirement when making an assessment of a plain radiograph. There are many ways to approach the assessment of th...”
  • Metaphyseal fracture - “ Metaphyseal fractures are fractures that involve the metaphysis of tubular bones. They may occur in paediatric or adult patients. Examples of met...”
  • Diaphysis - “ The diaphysis (pl: diaphyses) is the main portion (shaft) of a long bone (a bone that is longer than it is wide).  The diaphysis has a tubular co...”
  • Physis - “ The physis (pl. physes) or growth plates are found in bones that undergo endochondral ossification.   Radiographic features The physis appears a...”
  • Epiphysis - “ The epiphysis (pl: epiphyses) is the rounded portion at the end of a bone distal to the physis. The epiphysis contributes to a joint, compared wit...”
  • Metaphysis - “ The metaphysis (pl: metaphyses) is the wide portion of a long bone and the region of the bone where growth occurs. Growth occurs at the section of...”
  • Cortical bone - “ The outer shell of compact bone is called cortical bone or cortex.  Gross anatomy Cortical bone contains Haversian systems (osteons) which conta...”

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