Posterior fossa ependymoma


Ependymomas are glial tumors that originate from differentiated cells lining the surface of the cerebral ventricles and the central canal of the spinal cord 1,2. Ependymomas constitute tumors with different molecular types, which classification in the posterior fossa are Group A and B 3. This case demonstrates imaging features of a 4th ventricular tumor, pathology-proven to be a WHO grade 3 posterior fossa ependymoma.

Case courtesy

  • Sterfferson Morais, MD - PGY-3, Radiology Resident, Department of Radiology
  • Antonio Rodrigues de Aguiar Neto, MD - Radiologist, Department of Radiology
  •  Hospital da Restauração – Recife, PE – Brazil

Note: as molecular profiling is unavailable in this case, it would have the diagnosis of posterior fossa ependymoma not otherwise specified (NOS).