Ruptured intracranial dermoid cyst


Intracranial dermoid cysts are rare, comprising less than 0.5% of primary intracranial tumors. Intracranial dermoids are congenital epidermal inclusion cysts. Intracranial dermoid cystic tumors are rare, benign, slow growing masses. They are most often found in a sellar or parasellar location as well as the frontonasal region and frequently reside near the skull base. Intracranial dermoids can also be found in the posterior cranial fossa in midline vermis and within or in close proximity to the fourth ventricle. It can also be intraventricular within tela choroidea in lateral, 3rd, or 4th ventricles.

If ruptured subarachnoid/intraventricular spread of contents can be noted (as in this case).