Invasive ductal carcinoma (NST)


This patient has a new highly suspicious lesion within the left breast upper outer quadrant in keeping with BI-RADS V / Nottingham A categories. US-guided core biopsy was offered, regardless the result of the biopsy, this lesion must come out surgically. 

Biopsy confirmed an invasive ductal carcinoma non-specific type. 


MACROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: "Left breast 2 o'clock 8cm from nipple": Tan needle cores 17mm in aggregate.

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Sections show predominantly fibrous stroma with small fatty areas. There are malignant cells both singly and a nested and linear architecture set within a desmoplastic stroma. The cells have pleomorphic hyperchromatic nuclei and mitoses are abundant. There is moderate background inflammation. 

DIAGNOSIS: Invasive carcinoma NST.