Canal of Nuck cyst


During fetal life, two diverticula originate in the genital region, the peritoneovaginal ducts. In the male, these diverticula, called peritoneovaginal ducts, help to form the testes in the scrotum at its lower end. In the female, however, the diverticulum, called the Nuck channel, ends at the level of the labia majora. 

At birth and in the following months, these diverticula undergo physiological closure. However, it may happen that the closure does not occur or does not occur fully, allowing the abdominal viscera to penetrate the diverticula, resulting in an inguinal hernia with the classic swelling.

In females, the diverticulum can result in an inguinal hernia, or in a fluid collection, called canal of Nuck cysts.