Extensive deep pelvic endometriosis


This case represents some features of extensive deep pelvic endometriosis with bilateral marked hemato/hydrosalpinges, pelvic endometriotic implants, invasive uterine endometriosis and involvement of the rectosigmoid junction.

This case presented with bleeding per rectum which is unusual and rare presentation of pelvic endometriosis that resulted from invasion of endometriotic lesion to the recto-sigmoid junction.

The marked hemato/hydrosalpinges in the setting of endometriosis is a result of pelvic adhesions and Fallopian tubes strictures. No post contrast enhancement of the walls of the dilated Fallopian tubes though diffusion restriction, hypointense T1 fat sat with parts of hyperintensity and T2 hyperintensity of the contents mostly representing low hemorrhagic contents. The lack of enhancement as well as the clinical presentation differentiated this appearance from tubo-ovarian abscess and hydrosalpinx of pelvic inflammatory disease.