Isolated fallopian tube torsion with a paratubal cyst


Initial ultrasound in this premenopausal woman had demonstrated bilateral adnexal cystic lesions (not shown here). Subsequent MRI shows torsion of right ovarian pedicle with abnormally located right ovary and a large para ovarian cyst. The para-ovarian cyst and ovarian pedicle showed hemorrhagic components. Another large cyst was detected to arise from left ovary.

The patient underwent laporoscopic right ovarian cystectomy, right salpingectomy, left ovarian cystostomy and left fimbrial cystectomy.

Ovarian torsion is a common cause of sudden onset abdominal pain and torsion with ovarian mass is also described in literature. Isolated twisting of ovarian pedicle and torsion of para-ovarian cyst is relatively uncommon and usually presents in reproductive age group.

Ultrasound is the most common first line investigation, however MRI of pelvis is very helpful in demonstrating torsion of vascular pedicle as we can see in this case.