Jugular foramen schwannoma with cystic degeneration


Imaging appearances favoring a right jugular foramen schwannoma with cystic degeneration. Glomus jugulare tumor and meningioma are much less likely differentials.


MACROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: 1. "?Tumor": Two pieces of soft tan tissue 2mm. All for frozen section and smear. FS DIAGNOSIS: Schwannoma. A1. 2. "Schwannoma": Multiple pieces of soft irregular pink tissue 27x22x5mm in aggregate.

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: 1&2. Sections show a hypercellular spindle cell tumor with alternating hypercellular (Antoni A) areas composed of short fascicles of tumor cells with extensive nuclear palisading (Verocay bodies) and hypocellular areas (Antoni B) demonstrating loose edematous and fibrillary stroma. Tumor cells contain bland wavy nuclei. No necrosis or mitoses are seen. There is no evidence of malignancy.

DIAGNOSIS: Brain, right jugular foramen tumor: Schwannoma.