The patient was taken to the operating theatre for an emergency laparotomy and had a segment of small bowel excised. 

MACROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Specimen comprised of long segment of small intestine measuring approximately 400mm long x20mm in diameter with attached mesentery up to 30mm wide. There is dark brown discolouration of the full thickness of the small intestine extending to 70mm from one margin and 200mm from the opposite margin.

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: The sections of small bowel show full thickness haemorrhagic infarction comprising necrosis of the mucosa and muscularis propria with associated haemorrhage. Vessels are intensely congested and there is intramural oedema.  Sections taken from the mesentery show organising thrombus predominantly within venous channels.  Margins are viable.  No evidence of tumour is seen.

FINAL DIAGNOSIS: Haemorrhagic infarction secondary to mesenteric venous thrombosis.