This playlist covers common traumatic injuries of the hand along with case by case examples. It is aimed at radiographers, nurses, students, and junior doctors.

Radiographic image interpretation can be as simple or as intricate as you allow it to be. Although this playlist will equip you with new knowledge to take to the emergency department; remember there is only so much depth I could go into here.


  • introduction
  • anatomy 
  • normal anatomy 
  • distal phalange fractures
  • middle phalange fractures 
  • proximal phalange fractures
  • metacarpal fractures
  • mallet finger 
  • jersey finger 
  • volar plate avulsion of the PIP
  • Seymour fracture
  • DIP dislocation 
  • PIP dislocation 
  • Bennett fracture 
  • Rolando fracture 
  • skier's thumb 

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Number of slides in playlist:59
Playlist author:Andrew Murphy
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