Hepatic adenoma


Pathology proven hepatic adenoma.

Hepatic adenomas are benign epithelial neoplasm:

  • most commonly solitary (multiplicity may suggest hepatic adenomatosis)
  • richly vascular tumor which frequently contains hemorrhage and necrosis
  • pseudocapsule derived from compressed/collapsed hepatic parenchyma
  • histological hallmark are clusters of benign hepatocytes arranged in sheets or cords with absent bile ducts
  • Adenomas have variable lipid content ranging from
    • microscopic fat (detected in up to 77% with chemical shift MR) to
    • macroscopic fat (detected at CT in up 7%)

90% of hepatic adenomas occur in women. Associations with

  • oral contraceptive use
  • anabolic steroids
  • glycogen storage disease (Type 1a)