Bronchogenic cyst


A bronchogenic cyst is a rare congenital malformation of the lung, it is rarely reported in infants. Symptoms usually start in adulthood, it is rare for the bronchogenic cyst to manifest in newborn or infant.

Mediastinal bronchogenic cyst in children is often responsible for compressive symptoms of the tracheobronchial tree and may have a similar appearance with the congenital lobar emphysema on the chest x-ray.

It is important in all cases of suspected congenital lobar emphysema, obstructive causes must be ruled out and the  CT scan can reveal the cause of obstruction in most of the cases.

In cases where the main bronchus is compressed, the entire lung becomes hyperinflated.

 The management in obstructive lobar emphysema secondary to the bronchogenic cyst involves surgical excision of cysts, unlike CLE where lobectomy will be needed. 

Postoperative chest radiograph after surgical excision of the bronchogenic cyst ensures the resolution of the hyperinflation of the left lung with the return of mediastinum to normal position.