Left atrial appendage aneurysm


The patient was diagnosed with a left atrial appendage (LAA) aneurysm. He was urgently referred to a tertiary hospital, where surgical resection was performed successfully.

LAA aneurysms are very rare; approximately 100 cases have been reported thus far 1. They are usually diagnosed incidentally on imaging but do predispose to atrial tachyarrhythmias and thromboembolism. Definitive treatment consists of surgical excision 2 or clipping 3.

Take-home message:
The mnemonic for the differential diagnosis of anterior mediastinal mass - 5Ts:

  1. Thymic lesions
  2. Thyroid lesions
  3. Teratoma
  4. Terrible lymphoma
  5. Thoracic aneurysms, which can be of aortic or cardiac origin