CLINICAL NOTES: Likely primary breast carcinoma.

MACROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: "R breast core": Two white yellow tissue cores 15 and 17mm. A1.

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Serial sections show extensive involvement of each of the two cores by invasive carcinoma. The tumour consists largely of well formed tubular structures lined by moderately pleomorphic cuboidal epithelial cells. These have round and oval hyperchromatic nuclei and a variable amount of pale cytoplasm. Other areas of the tumour are composed of linear aggregates of similarly atypical cells within a dense fibrous stroma. The extension of tumour into adjacent adipose tissue is noted. No mitotic figures are identified. No immunostainin for E-cadherin is seen in tumour cells. The features are of tubulolobular invasive carcinoma.

DIAGNOSIS: Right breast core: Tubulolobular invasive carcinoma.

OESTROGEN RECEPTORS ARE DETECTED (+++ nuclear staining in 20-30% of tumour cells)

PROGESTERONE RECEPTORS ARE NOT DETECTED (++ nuclear staining in <10% of tumour cells) HER-2 NEGATIVE (no staining)