Hepatic metastases: dynamic MRI with hepatocyte-specific agent


Primovist (gadoxetate disodium) may be used in the evaluation of hepatic metastases.  It is a hepatocyte -specific contrast agent. Therefore, metastases do not take up the contrast, as evidenced in this case, as they do not contain any hepatocytes.  

An ultrasound-guided biopsy was performed of the segment 8/5 lesion.

Histology: Adenocarcinoma of the lung

It is always worth scrutinising the localizer images as these have a wider field of view and may assist in the definitive diagnosis. In this case, a right upper lobe local collapse and central mass are apparent.

Disclosure: I, Ian Bickle, have no actual or potential ethical or financial conflict of interest in relation to this contrast agent. This case is not intended to be a personal endorsement or recommendation of this product.