Uterine leiomyoma - carneous degeneration


Further clinical information of a healthy girl with normal development. Menarche 2 years ago, since then menstrual cycle every 2 months with menstruation lasting 7-9 days. Brisk and painful menstrual bleeding for past 2 weeks. No drastic change in lifestyle or stress lately.

Ultrasonography and MRI showed a large intrauterine mass suspected as a degenerated leiomyoma.

Laparoscopy was performed and found a fundic uterine mass of approximately 8 cm in diameter having the appearance of an intramural leiomyoma. Adnexa of normal appearance. During hysteroscopy, an incision on the surface of the mass revealed muscle fibers and the appearance of a leiomyoma. A sample was removed and sent for histological examination.

Hysteroscopic biopsy - a fragment of necrotic degenerated tissue with scattered inflammatory cells.

A uterine leiomyoma at this girl's age is most unusual, let alone a degenerated leiomyoma.

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