Myxoid liposarcoma


Ultrasound and MRI were inconclusive as to the exact nature of the mass. An atypical lipomatous tumor was suspected in view of a thin fat intensity rim at the medial margin of the upper end of the mass. Histopathological examination was recommended. 

An ultrasound-guided biopsy was done to decide on surgical management. The biopsy revealed a "low-grade myxomatous neoplasm".

Surgical excision was performed which showed a yellowish, multiloculated and friable tumor. The specimen was sent for histopathology.

The final histopathological diagnosis came as - "Myxoid liposarcoma, FNCLCC Grade 1, with maximum tumor dimension of 19cm (pT4).

Histologic Grade (French Federation of Cancer Centers Sarcoma Group [FNCLCC])

Grade 1 [sum score of 3 : differentiation(2), mitoses(1), necrosis(0)]".

Local radiation therapy was not given. The patient has been placed on follow up and is disease-free at three months post-surgery. However, there are high chances of relapse 5 and the patient would be taken for chemotherapy in case of recurrence.