Complete ACL tear with important associated injuries


This MRI case demonstrates many of the important injuries seen in association with complete ACL tear including;

  • ACL instability - anterior tibial translation
  • impaction contusions of the lateral femoral sulcus and posterior tibial plateau
  • high-grade posterolateral corner injury including arcuate ligament complex injury, popliteus tendon strain, soleus tendon and biceps femoris fibular avulsions.
  • high-grade lateral and anterolateral capsular injury with Segond fracture
  • high-grade tear of the medial collateral ligament with the meniscotibial attachment remaining intact
  • discontinuous bucket-handle tear of the medial meniscus
  • lateral meniscal tears including an outer fragment of the meniscal body flipped into the tibial recess
  • 7 mm region of posterior tibial delaminated cartilage underlying the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus
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