Le Fort fractures


There are three types of Le Fort fractures but they rarely occur in their pure form. The types were originally described as being bilateral however the classification is now commonly used to describe unilateral injuries or combined types. Depending on the distribution of forces through the facial skeleton, multiple Le Fort fracture patterns may occur at the same time. Different combinations may occur at the same time and different combinations may occur on the two sides of the face (eg type I and II on the left and type II and type III on the right) 1,2

In this case, there are bilateral Le Fort I fractures as there are fractures bilaterally of the anterolateral margin of the nasal fossa. There are bilateral Le Fort II fractures as the inferior orbital walls are fractured. There is no fracture of the zygomatic arch or lateral orbital walls, excluding a Le Fort III fracture. There are bilateral ptergyoid fractures which are present in all types of Le Fort fractures.