Intraventricular meningioma


The patient went on to have a resection. 


Sections show a densely sclerotic tumor comprising invade fascicles and intensity or whorls of cells with pale cytoplasm, ovoid nuclei, slightly coarse chromatin and small nucleoli. The background contains dense strands of collagen and scattered psammoma bodies. Mitoses are infrequent, up to 2 per 10 high-powered fields, there are no atypical features. Brain invasion is not identified. By immunohistochemistry, tumor cells are positive for SSTR 2 and PR, while negative for STAT6 and S-100.

DIAGNOSIS: fibroblastic meningioma (WHO Grade I).


This case demonstrates typical appearances and location for an intraventricular meningioma. These are most often of the fibroblastic histological subtype.