Pathology report

T9 spinal cord tumor, resection:
Final diagmosis - Benign vascular tumor consistent with a benign hemangioma.
- Please see microscopic description.


H&E stained sections show a vascular lesion composed of abundant endothelial cells and small vascular spaces as well as larger pooled areas of blood. Some of the vessels are hyalinized. The endothelial cells show little pleomorphism. Mitoses are infrequent.

Immunostaining with CD34, pancytokeratin, Ki-67, CD20 and CD3 is performed on Block A1. CD34 is diffusely and strongly positive throughout the tumor, thereby confirming the
endothelial origin of these cells and highlighting the small vascular spaces. Ki-67 stains
nuclei that are most likely inflammatory cells within blood vessels rather than
endothelial cells. CD20 staining is largely negative. CD3 stains T-cells that are
predominantly at the periphery of the lesion.

In summary, the morphologic characteristics and immunohistochemical staining pattern of
this lesion is most consistent with a benign capillary hemangioma, a benign vascular