Necrotizing pneumonia


Necrotizing pneumonia is a rare complication of bacterial lung infection. It may be either because of the micro-organism's high virulence or a host's predisposing factor. This may result in major complications such as diffuse pulmonary inflammation, septic shock, and or respiratory failure. These complications often make treatment more difficult.

Antibiotics are the first line of treatment for necrotizing pneumonia. Surgical treatment has gained acceptance as an alternative treatment option in patients who are unresponsive to antibiotic therapy and develop parenchymal complications.

Appreciation is extended to Dr Ajay Prashanth Dsouza, Dr Muhammad Anwar, Dr Elham Ahmed Elgabaly, Jukha Shater Ali Ali AL Badawi, and fellow Radiographers / Radiology Nurses, Department of Radiology, Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital, Dubai, UAEfor contributing to this case.