Internal carotid artery dissection


Internal carotid artery dissection is a tear of the intima layer, allowing blood to collect in the media or the adventitia layer 1-4. The condition is a cause of stroke, particularly in young adults 1-4. CT and MR imaging studies may improve the diagnostic specificity for vessel wall injuries 2,3. Radiologists can recognize features of arterial dissection, so that appropriate diagnosis and management can start promptly, reducing the risks of ischemic stroke 1-3.

This case demonstrates imaging features of bilateral internal carotid dissection with cerebral strokes, probably due to blunt cerebrovascular injuries.

Case courtesy of

  • Rennah Gonçalves, MD - PGY-3, radiology resident, Department of Radiology
  • Luziany Carvalho Araújo, MD – radiologist, Department of Radiology
  • Antonio Rodrigues de Aguiar Neto, MD - radiologist, Department of Radiology

Hospital da Restauração – Recife, PE – Brazil