Accessory left hepatic artery


In our case, Type V hepatic artery anatomy according to Michels classification.

Michels described the hepatic arterial anatomy and its variations using the results of 200 cadaveric dissections and identified 10 types of hepatic arterial anatomy 1:

  • type I: normal pattern

  • type II: a replaced LHA from the left gastric artery

  • type III: a replaced RHA from the SMA

  • type IV: replaced RHA and LHA

  • type V: an accessory LHA

  • type VI: an accessory RHA

  • type VII: accessory RHA and LHA

  • type VIII: a replaced RHA or LHA with other hepatic artery being an accessory one

  • type IX: the hepatic trunk as a branch of the SMA

  • type X: the CHA from the left gastric artery