Crohn disease


This is a typical case of Crohn’s disease and aims to review typical findings of the disease found on MR enterography (MRE).

On endoscopy, only the terminal ileum showed signs of inflammation and an ulcer with histologically confirmed chronic and florid ulcerations and eosinophilia consistent with Crohn’s disease.

The colon was unremarkable on colonoscopy, which is also reflected by the MRI.

MR enterography (MRE) is able to demonstrate findings in the small bowel that depicts mesenteric findings and penetrating disease (in this case sinus tracts) as well as extraintestinal complications (in this case sacroiliitis).

An additional pelvic MRI (not shown) confirmed the left sacroiliitis but did not show any significant perianal complications such as a fistula or an abscess.

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